Start Your Own Mutual Fund

Have you ever considered starting your own mutual fund? It's not as hard or expensive as you might think—if you have the right partner. We registered our own fund in 2000, and, with the market doing better, now would be a great time for us to help you start your own too.

Imagine how many investors you can get when you have an audited track record to point to. You can have your own ticker symbol that people can graph on their favorite trusted financial web sites to see the value of your investment advice.

Imagine being able to advertise to millions of potential investors, selling them fund shares without having to tailor investment strategies to them individually. When you run a fund, you're only responsible for following the investment guidelines in your own prospectus; it's up to investors themselves to choose funds that are appropriate for their needs.

We're Valgro® Fund Services, a division of Valgro Investments, Inc. Take a look at our services and fees below. Then email us at to discuss how we can help you take your investment business to the next level.

Services We Provide to Start Your Fund

Start-Up Fees You Pay
Service Pay to Cost
Documents & registration us $30,000
Opinion letter lawyer $10,000-$20,000
Seed audit CPA $500-$1,500
Application & filing fees various under $500

Administration & Accounting Services We Provide

Mutual fund shares are sold to brokers or investors through a Distributor. We can set up your fund so you are permitted to act as your own Distributor, without charging you anything extra.

When investors buy shares, the Distributor sends the money to the fund's Transfer Agent, who then forwards the money to the fund's Custodian. We would be happy to register you to act as your own Transfer Agent, without charging you anything extra. Alternatively, if you prefer us to be your Transfer Agent, we can do this for an additional charge of $10,000 per year.

Annual Expenses The Fund Pays With Investors' Money
Service Pay to Cost
Admin. & accounting us $30,000 + $20 per investor account
Audit CPA $7,000-$15,000
Notice filings states about $1,000 per state you sell in
Franchise tax government depends on your location
Share registration SEC based on dollar amount
Fidelity bond insurer based on fund assets
Custody bank based on investment transactions
Legal service lawyer varies with changes you make
Management you your choice
Miscellaneous various minor

Valgro is a registered service mark of Valgro Investments, Inc.